Room divider

Sader Real Estate Agent


Room dividers

Dividing walls




stainless steel double-faced, smoked glass, double-faced

approx. 62 m on two floors

Sader Real Estate Agency, Bressanone

Dividing walls in glass and stainless steel


“Maybe this is the essence of art,

seeing ourselves and the world surrounding us despite everything

like a marvellous garden in full bloom.”


Made of glass and stainless steel, Hartwig Thaler’s dividing walls bring to life a recreative yet inspiring atmosphere due to their positive imagery based on nature. 34 individual motifs of high quality material and execution have been interwoven to form a carpet of plants, animals, humans and suns. The ornamental network of figures spreads in clear, fresh rhythms. Inhabitants and visitors are wrapped into a protective cover, breathing life and light, they are absorbed by a unique new perception of space stimulating imagination, inciting dreams and hopes.