My art is striving for links rather than separation,

for reconciliation rather than revenge.


My art wants to spread its arms in a wing-like gesture,

ready to face the other, the new and strange, with confidence.

It comes unarmoured, ready to hug.


How can somebody possibly be radiant with happiness while somebody else is weeping bitterly,

why does one have to starve while the other may bathe in satiety?

How can one possibly laugh in peace while the other is devastated by violence?

Looking into the children’s eyes, I see full, shadowless love,

which makes me feel ashamed for my attempts to conceive this world of right and wrong,

heat and cold, reconciliation and revenge.


But it is this shadowless love which is the source

that my art and my life do not cease to strive for.


My art wants to touch and transform, to protect and let grow.

Whether it is actually able to do so, I do not know,

but I have decided

to give it a try this way.


My art does not destroy anybody’s house, it does not poison anybody’s well,

it does not steal anybody’s faith. It does not promise the one to triumph over the other

but it is the triumph of dreams and hopes.


My art wants to help the people

to make their choice in favour of each other and of the world around them

in order to marvel in freedom and peace at the growing, endless miracles of life,

at its emanating splendor.


My art celebrates life.